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Alachua Math Circle (updated on 7/21/2019)

I’ve been approached by several members of the New Raman Reti community about serving children with math enrichment activities. In response, I’ve been talking to people to help me identify the local needs and determine how my skillset might benefit the children and strengthen the community.

Two of my areas of expertise are the education of the gifted and the creation of mathematical outreach initiatives. Hence, I propose to create the Alachua Math Circle—a math enrichment program focused on problem-solving (watch my video series on this topic), which would meet at the Alachua Learning Academy once per week. (For information about math circles, you may visit the National Association of Math Circles, of which I was an advisory board member.)

For context, the Director of Recreation for Alachua City has asked me to help create a math circle in the area. Moreover, I’m advising the Orlando Math Circle to create the Orlando Math Teacher’s Circle at Rollins College this fall. I’m also advising the University of Florida’s math department to open a math circle in January 2020. My intention is to begin a similar project in Alachua around mid September, immediately after the first Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival at The Harn Museum on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

If you would like to pre-register your child(ren), please complete this questionnaire. If you would like to volunteer your time and experience, you may complete this  questionnaire for volunteers.

Background Information

I’ve been involved with math circles since 2004, when I attended the First National Meeting on Math Circles and Competitions, held at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California. That meeting gave rise to the National Association of Math Circles, with which I became involved in 2012.

In 2012, I founded the Puerto Rico Math Circle, which became inactive after my departure from the island.

In 2016, Dr. Linda Green and I co-founded the Chapel Hill Math Circle at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. I also founded the Triangle Math Teachers’ Circle at North Carolina State University. Those programs are thriving after my departure from the Tar Heel State.


These videos and pictures come from the Chapel Hill Math Circle site.

Spring 2016