Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals

I’m the Director of Festivals for the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, which I do as an outreach consultant for the American Institute of Mathematics.

Contact me if you’d like to organize a festival in the Atlanta metro area, or anywhere else in the US. We’ll provide logistical support, instructional materials, and train local facilitators. We’re particularly interested in Title I schools. Let’s have a conversation!


The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival supports locally organized events that inspire K–12 students to think critically, to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through collaborative, creative problem-solving. Our Festivals engage many types of students, including those who don’t enjoy competition or working under time pressure. A Festival is also a community event, bringing together institutions and organizations as their constituents celebrate mathematics.

More popular every year since its first event at Google in 2007, the JRMF flourishes because of dedicated mentors, volunteers, and community support. In particular, we’re grateful to founding host the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI).  We are also thankful to American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), which since 2013 has been providing resources and support as we seek to bring the Festival to more kids.

Taken from the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival‘s website.

JRMF flyer Emory 2018

The flyer below is from the second JRMF at UNC Chapel Hill.